About Royal Bengal

With Indian curries being the most popular cuisine for diners in the UK, it’s difficult to  find one that will stand out from the rest and deliver excellent food and service consistently. At Royal Bengal we take pride in our qualified, experienced and award winning chefs that creatively combine and balance the  flavours to conjure up exquisite dishes, a tribute perhaps to our belief in good customer service, quality produce and the importance of a comfortable environment for our guests to appreciate the wonders served up by our kitchen. Our vast experience reflects our successes. We have been trading in Enfield, Hertford, Welwyn Garden City and Edmonton for the past 20 years. Our emphasis is on organic and creative dishes. Ethnic recipes are used to provide a diverse, unusual menu, while focusing on healthy eating. Wherever possible we buy local foods with most of our purchases from our chef ’s personal recommendations. Our menu is based on the highest quality produce and fresh seasonal ingredients from all corners of South East Asia. We specialise in a large variety of dishes from the sub-continent whether they are vegetarian or non-vegetarian. We use 100% vegetarian oil, containing no cholesterol. And we strictly prohibit any sorts of artificial colours, preservatives and flavourings. Our front house staffs are well trained and always ready to be at your service. Why not try our enriched wine selections specially selected to suit your favourite curries. Check out our cocktail list for tailored cocktails you are bound to fall in love with. We also offer a dedicated take away and delivery service to Broxbourne and surrounding areas. All our dishes are served steaming hot into special stay-fresh vacuum packs, ready to collect, or be delivered to your door in a matter of 20 to 45 minutes. If you ever feel the need, please drop by and try our menu that will surely tantalise your taste buds. Give us a try and we promise Royal Bengal will be your only stop for your curry cravings!